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SWFL Boat Wraps | SouthWest Florida Custom Vehicle Wraps
  • 19440 Peachland Blvd., Port Charlotte, FL 33948
  • 941-999-1299

Give yourself name recognition and promote your LOCAL


#1 for Custom SWFL Boat Wraps

Stand out on the road, stand out at the boat ramp and stand out on the water!

Consider a custom vinyl wrap from SWFL Boat Wraps!

A custom boat wrap will last for years to come and is made to protect the boat’s original paint job from any potential damages. Additionally, unlike marine paint, vinyl boat wraps don’t fade, and they don’t get cloudy. Also, they don’t damage your original paint job, either.  In fact, a boat wrap will preserve the underlying paint job. Also, vinyl can help protect the hull.  Depending on the brand, top-quality boat vinyl comes with as much as a 7-year warranty, but with proper care, most customers find their wraps last even longer.

Here in Southwest Florida boat wraps require no buffing or polishing. A warm, soapy water and sponge treatment are all that’s required to head back out there. Plus, should an area of the vinyl get scratched or damaged at all, repairs only require a patch, and not a full rewrap.

And finally, when it comes to selling your boat, a vinyl boat wrap is a terrific investment when considering a re-sale down the road.

While most cars and trucks have templates available, boats do not.  Therefore, it is recommended within the industry that the customer be selective in choosing the company to whom you entrust your vessel.

SWFL Boat Wrap – Commercial Use

Following the footprint of pickup trucks and service vans, over the last few years, “Branded” boat wraps have proven to be a highly effective form of outdoor advertising, particularly if it is water-related .

Branded vessels in a busy marina or waterway can receive hundreds or thousands of impressions or views per day, bringing attention to the business and the services the business provides.  These days, the use of boat wraps to promote a business is an affordable and guaranteed way to significantly raise the profile of your business.

So, if you are looking to advertise your business in a unique way, consider a boat wrap. A custom-cut vinyl wrap will make your vessel more attractive and memorable. Here at SWFL Wraps, we will design the graphics specifically to match any existing advertising you may already be currently undertaking and match it for your boat, your business and your service.

If you’re looking for maximum exposure or even something a little more budget friendly, SWFL Boat Wraps by DJ Wrapper has all the options you need, including a complete wrap, a partial wrap, vehicle decals, perforated window film, or if you are looking for a little guidance, we’re here for you.